Make Sure You’re Operating a Safe Workplace

Schedule a consultation with an electrician in Marion, Iowa

Your commercial or industrial facility’s electrical system is key to keeping operations running smoothly. If you can’t remember the last time you had yours inspected by a knowledgeable electrician, reach out to Wedel Electric and Consulting. Our consultants understand the importance of electrical safety in the workplace and will make sure you take all of the necessary steps to protect your employees and place of business.

When you bring our team in for an inspection, we’ll carefully examine all of your electrical system’s components and determine how they can be made safer. Call Wedel Electric and Consulting at 319-651-4223 today to book an inspection.

Maintain your Marion, IA building’s electrical system

Maintain your Marion, IA building’s electrical system

If you operate a commercial or industrial space and would like an electrical contractor to make sure all systems are go, contact Wedel Electric and Consulting. We offer electrical safety consulting and will inspect your building’s:

  • Electrical panel
  • Emergency exit lighting
  • Wiring
  • Generator
We’ll provide you with a detailed report on your electrical system’s condition and recommend the most effective ways to improve electrical safety in the workplace. Contact Wedel Electric and Consulting to learn more.